Improve literacy learning gains and assessment pass rates.

  • "These are differentiated materials...Teengagement articles and support materials are crafted at several different Lexile levels, making it easier for a teacher to group students according to their readiness, and yet all students can share the same reading experience."-Reading Coach, Collier County
  • " 25 of my 29 students that took the Nov. 4th SAT, passed."11th and 12th Grade Intensive ELA and Reading Retakes Teacher
  • "Teengagement has been a vital part of my district's efforts to prepare our students for both their present and future success."-Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Baker County
  • "The project-based learning activities that truly engage our young people are key pieces of our curricular efforts to prepare students for the Florida Standards Assessments and the rigorous activities that will be required of them in post-secondary education."-Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Baker County
  • "When teachers asked for more help preparing students to succeed on the state literacy test...[the Teengagement team] responded with beautifully laid out lessons with laser-tight focus on individual standards."-Reading Coach, Collier County
  • "Through the use of Teengagement, we have engaged learners in all of our classrooms, which consists of many struggling adolescent readers at the secondary level, mostly grades 8 – 12...The students' vocabulary is strengthened, their interest is peeked, the technical articles give depth to the unit, and the college and career readiness materials help them apply what they have learned to real life. "-District Reading Specialist, Texas Juvenile Justice Department
  • "This tool helps us prepare our students through the thoughtfully created standards-based units... Because the text is interesting and the and the concepts are connected to real life, students are more engaged throughout the units than we have experienced with other resources."-Coordinator of Instructional Support, Walton County

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Teengagement is the project-based teen literacy solution addressing the essential skills needed for success in college and career for the 21st century.  Purposeful, relevant, rigorous, engaging units of study, form the basis of this unique literacy solution. See how Teengagement can transform literacy on your campus. Sign up for the Staging History free unit trial today.

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