Who is Teengagement?

Who is Teengagement?

Who is Teengagement?
We’re the student motivation and teacher empowerment solution!

At Principle Woods, we believe the most important resource in any classroom is not a product, it’s a teacher. Simply put, nothing drives student outcomes and achievement more than empowered, equipped, and enthused teachers who love their calling. When these teachers are given exciting, relevant content, embedded literacy strategies, and meaningful ways to connect with students, that’s when classroom magic can happen. 

Respecting the reality of the classroom, our Purpose-Driven Literacy Solution honors both students and teachers. By leveraging relevant and engaging units of study, Teengagement combats student apathy, motivation, and morale. Our authentic assessments, test prep materials, professional development videos, and instructional blueprints empower teachers to find their voice. Our simple, pragmatic approach to curriculum design drives student performance.


Engaging Content based on Units of Study

  • Builds student capacity with relevant and rigorous nonfiction units of study
  • Honors students and teachers with content that matters
  • Uses a project-based literacy solution to address the essential skills needed for success in college and career for the 21st century
  • Increases student testing outcomes with embedded test prep and pragmatic skills development

Teengagement Empower- Professional Development and Support

  • Practical, embedded professional development videos and performance task-driven instructional resources
  • Builds and sustains teacher capacity with instructional blueprints, authentic and summative assessments
  • Creates a campus-wide culture of best practices in literacy strategy


The best way for you to learn about our solution is to test it for yourself! Visit Teengagement for a FREE unit of study to can use with your students right away! You can also request a free professional development module by contacting info@teengagement.com.

Together we can transform teen literacy!

Tori Friedrich, M.Ed has a background in Curriculum and Instruction and music education. She has been writing for Teengagement for over 15 years and is passionate about engaging people through relevant, meaningful content. Outside of work, Tori enjoys music from Bach to Hamilton, and cheering on the Kansas City Royals with her husband and three young sons.


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