Gamers, Geeks and Gadgets - Unit of Study

Gamers, Geeks and Gadgets

Unit Essential Question

How have video games and gaming trends impacted American culture, and what are the consequences of trends going viral?

High-Interest Article: “Game Wars”

Explore the history of video games from their beginning at the 1940 World’s Fair to the massive multi-player online games so popular today. Readers will learn pivotal ways gaming has impacted American society, including the rising
popularity of geek culture.

Technical Article: “Viral Phenomena”

What causes a viral sensation? Are they new? Read about how Pokémon GO took over the world, and the unexpected consequences of the game going viral. Discover the qualities that all viral phenomena share, and take a look at early gaming trends.

Data Integration

Students examine data about American gaming and social media use and integrate it with information from the texts to determine how games can impact viral trends.


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