King of The Monsters - Unit of Study

King of The Monsters


Unit Essential Question

How have attitudes on nuclear energy changed with time, and how has the story of Godzilla reflected these attitudes?

High-Interest Article: “Awakening the Monster”

Learn about the pros and cons of the nuclear energy debate through the lens of the monster Godzilla and the movies created about him through the years. Sections titled “Godzilla the Rescuer” and “Godzilla the Adversary” examine how the movies weave in true, historical events involving nuclear energy, including the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Technical Article: “The Hopes and Fears of Nuclear Energy”

Students gain a greater understanding of nuclear energy’s history and science by reading about Chernobyl, the Elephant’s Foot, and the Atomic Man. This reading will prepare students to understand various aspects of the dual nature of nuclear energy.

College and Career Article: Energy Plant Technician

This article introduces readers to the requirements and role of an energy plant technician, including the high degree of duty to the general public. Students will learn about the risks and great responsibilities entrusted to this important career choice.