Laughing Matters - Unit of Study

Laughing Matters

Unit Essential Question

If laughter is a universal language, how can comedy create change and unite people?

High-Interest Article: “Stand-Up Stars”

Comedy is an integral part of American entertainment, rooted in stand-up and improvisation. Modern comedians like Jim Gaffigan, Melissa McCarthy, Aziz Ansari, and Key & Peele use traditional platforms and new ones like YouTube and Netflix to impact their audience and share their point of view.

Technical Article: “Funny Science”

Why do we laugh? Laughter and humor meet at the junction of cognitive, linguistic, and social interactions. Discover
the physiological and psychological components and effects of laughter, a reflex that binds humans to one another.

Data Integration

Students will integrate the data presented and the articles to discover how humor and laughter work together to bring
individual and social well-being.


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