The Power of DNA - Unit of Study

The Power of DNA


Unit Essential Question

How can DNA technology help unlock mysteries, and what ethical issues are raised by its use?

High-Interest Article: “Unlocking Mysteries”

How are nonprofit organizations using unique genetic identifiers to help those in need? Take a look inside organizations like the Innocence Project, which uses DNA evidence to help exonerate the wrongly convicted, and DNA-Prokids, which uses DNA to identify human trafficking victims and reunite them with their families. While these applications serve justice, students will also grapple with the legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of DNA in the criminal law setting.

Technical Article: “The Genetic Blueprint”

Who was Gregor Mendel, and how did his observations while gardening pea plants provide the basis for our study of DNA, genetics, and the process of inheritance? Take a look at the historical and scientific side of DNA: its double-helix structure, how the DNA molecule works to determine who we are, and how scientists are using DNA to identify the remains of historical figures like King Richard III.

College and Career Article: Geneticists

As we learn more about DNA and develop new applications for our genetic code, organizations are seeking to hire geneticists for research and practical application. Geneticists set themselves apart as scientists with an important specialty—understanding what makes each person unique.


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