Wildlife Warriors - Unit of Study

Wildlife Warriors


Unit Essential Question

How can awareness of conservation issues lead to meaningful change?

High-Interest Article: “The Irwin Legacy”

What is Steve Irwin’s Legacy? Take a look at the Irwin family’s efforts for conservation before and after The Crocodile Hunter’s death, and how Bindi Irwin—his daughter and the new face of the Australia Zoo—shares her father’s passion for wildlife, saving the planet, and engaging others in the conversation about conservation.

Technical Article: “Conservation Heritage”

While the Australia Zoo works to conserve Australia’s wildlife down under, who and what are the champions of conservation in North America? Take a look at some of the endangered species and habitats in our own backyard, as well as heroes like Theodore Roosevelt who helped make conservation a national mandate.

College and Career Article: Wildlife Biologist

Oscar Dewberry is a retired wildlife biologist who continues to spread the message of conservation every day. Learn what it’s like to devote yourself to saving life on our planet, and how you can have a rewarding career in the preservation and management of our natural resources.


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